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At 72, the widowed Nalugo Olivia cares for nine grand children. At that age Nalugo Olivia a woman with great compassion for her grand children has no job and above all she can't work because of her old age. Though she would wish to have a good standard of living and also to look after her grand children.
Some of these vulnerable children lost there parents because of HIV/ AIDS whereas some were just left behind by parents who rarely provide support to them.
We therefore as Habi John Foundation support Nalugo Olivia by clothing and feeding her and also taking her vulnerable grand children to school, providing medication and also clothing them.

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  • Our Mission

    To work with our partners to ensure that people everywhere understand how much older people contribute to society and that they must enjoy their right to health care, social services, economic and physical security.

    Our Vission

    Societies in which all older women and men can lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives.

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