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HF empowers the elders in achieving their constitutional rights and one method that this is done by is by holding Campaigns. In this process HF together with the elders think about the different types of campaign tactics and to develop a campaign plan that can help them reach their campaign goal.

HF educates the elderly through PEG.

HabiJohn Foundation has supported the elderly to form Parish Elderly Groups (PEG) in which they hold weekly discussions on issues affecting them and how they can be handled.

three big dates in the annual calendar PEG Campaign are:

  1. PEG on Health, 7 April, World Health Day
  2. PEG for Rights, 15 June, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
  3. PEG Global, 1 October, UN International Day of Older Persons

On these three dates, delegations of older people in Mityana Uganda meet their local governments to call for change. However action continues all year long year round, with older people that were trained by HF staff in their PAG groups can monitor whether governments deliver on their pledges, and raising awareness more widely at the same time. Campaigners are encouraged to take action on other relevant days under the PEG banner. Often excluded for many years, older people are now sitting down with political leaders to speak from the heart about what they need. In a HabiJohn Foundation survey of more than 200 older people, 86 per cent said that PEG has helped them influence governments, while 95 per cent believed the PEG campaigns has helped raise the profile of ageing issues in Uganda.

we have benefited from peg

  • “We have been removed From a very dark pit and Brought to the surface Where there is light. HabiJohn Foundation’s initiative of PEG has made me an Ambassador to spread news about older people. I have learnt that even in older age I am able to do something worthwhile and constructive for my country! ”

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  • Our Mission

    To work with our partners to ensure that people everywhere understand how much older people contribute to society and that they must enjoy their right to health care, social services, economic and physical security.

    Our Vission

    Societies in which all older women and men can lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives.

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